Posted: October 20th, 2022

Must have the following qualifications:

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For your assignment this week, YOU are writing a cover letter.
The job announcement below was pulled from a nursing website, advertising jobs for nurses. You will write a cover letter, using the templates we’ve discussed (tempate is attached to this order), and customize it to the job announcement.
Make sure you see what the job is asking for, and include key words in your cover letter.
Burbank Hospice is presently seeking a Director of Patient Care Services to join our team.
The DPCS is
responsible for the overall direction of hospice clinical services.
The DPCS establishes implements and evaluates goals and objectives for hospice services that meet and promote the standards of quality and contribute to the total organization and philosophy.
Must have the following qualifications:
RN with a California license, Bachelor’s degree in nursing (master’s degree preferred), three years of healthcare management experience within the last 5 years, RN with experience within the last 5 years (at least 1 year of which was in a supervisory or administrative capacity), demonstrate the ability to supervise and direct personnel, ability to market and deal tactfully with customers and the community, be a licensed driver with an automobile that is insured and is in good working order, have excellent observation, verbal, and written communication skills, and have knowledge of business management, governmental regulations, and the Joint Commission standards.
Your team’s expectations will be that you lead and guide them with positive feedback and constructive criticism. The clinical providers are looking for someone to learn from and grow with.
You must have strong teaching skills and possess a passion to help nurses improve.
Please send your current resume with contact information. Please only apply if you meet the minimum qualifications.

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