Posted: September 16th, 2022

No more than 170 words.

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This assignment is discussion board. Can you please look at YouTube for a video call “Unnatural Causes” episode 1 because I wasn’t successful download the video link and watch it. I would appreciate it. I sent three attachment links, first link with discussion directions and the questions, second Link unnatural Causes Article, three link Grief andCovid-19 Article. No more than 170 words. Discussion board instructions Please watch episode 1 – Unnatural Causes and read 10 Things to Know About Health It’s important to acknowledge existing ideas about health in order to examine our assumptions – especially those that make us resistant to new ways of thinking. Some chronic stressors mentioned in the film are: being on guard all the time, having little control at work, living in an unsafe neighborhood, being uncertain about where food will come from, and worrying about one’s children. What additional stressors can you think of? How does exposures to stressors—and resources available to manage them—vary with class position?

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