Posted: September 23rd, 2022

Not counting works cited.

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Draw upon Case #20 in the back of your textbook -“Enron: Not Accounting for the Future”
This is a reflection/research/ analysis paper. Use proper APA formatting, double spaced, font 12 with proper internal citations and works cited. USE TOPIC HEADERS. As you discuss each section below; use a topic header to label each section you are covering. Make sure you are properly and thoroughly referring to the concepts within Chapter 4 and are using external research to further support your analysis. The assignment must be MINIMALLY 4 (four) full pages of content. Not counting works cited. Submit as a word document.
· Describe the stakeholders involved in this case study. How are each impacted by the ENRON case. What stake do they have in the situation? · Describe if the case is based on an ethical issue, a legal issue, or both? Explain your reasoning
· Reflecting on what you read about the whistleblower, What are some of the risks faced by the whistleblower? What are the risks if they had remained silent? · Discuss the Three Dimensions (based on chapter 4 in your textbook) as they relate to the ENRON case. Refer to page 86 table 4-1 Practices of Ethical Decisions. · What is the SOX Act and its Future? How did the Enron case impact the SOX act and the future we are working through? · What is the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act and its Future? · Describe the role that organizational culture played in the decision made within the case. · Describe the core best practices that organizations can put in place to help prevent or manage unethical practices. · How do You Institutionalize Business Ethics Programs?
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