Posted: March 22nd, 2022


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Consider how you view your own privacy and the expectations surrounding it will significantly impact your view of the morality and even legality of the NSA’s domestic surveillance program. In regards to NSA’s legal reasoning underlying the program. As the Supreme Court in Smith v. Maryland (1979) made clear: obtaining metadata from a third-party provider who, in turn, received that information with consent from the user does not create a Fourth Amendment violation as there was no “legitimate expectation of privacy”. Setting aside your view of Ed Snowden’s access in illegally confirming the existence of the program, explain what is your view of the policy and legal parameters of the NSA’s collection and use of metadata? Do you view yourself as having suffered any harm? If so, can you articulate what that might be? Where, if at all, did NSA cross the line with its program? How would you have suggested it do so differently?

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