Posted: September 23rd, 2022

O support a well-articulated thesis statement by integrating information from source

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*** Not actually renaming the college
Naming Monroe Community College
 Skills (Practical applications)
o Analyze and critique persuasive texts.
o Support a well-articulated thesis statement by integrating information from source
o Locate and evaluate a variety of sources as potential support material in a written essay. o Use standard documentation style for source-based writing.
o Exhibit proficiency in practices of standard written English (such as grammar, mechanics,
and style).
 Knowledge (What will you know that will impact how you work/live in five years)
o Informationliteracy–howtointeractwithtextstodiscoverwhethertheycanbe trusted to provide factual information in support of its own argument.
o The statement and support of an argument, using factual evidence to persuade.
 Write a 3-5 page paper explaining the criteria that should be used to decide on naming MCC.
 Every body paragraph must include synthesis that blends two or more sources that support the
o This means that there must be multiple research sources used to support the thesis.
 Have a clearly stated thesis statement that makes the argument the paper will support.
 Be sure to support the thesis throughout the body of the paper. Remember that the purpose of
the paper is to offer criteria that will guide how a name would be selected for our community college.
o Extolling the virtues or sins of James Monroe would not be helpful. The paper is not about him. It’s about the criteria by which a name should be chosen.
o The paper is not about selecting another name for the college; so, no suggestions for names. This is about what the criteria are for picking a name.
 1st or 2nd person, misused or misspelled words will result in a reduced grade
 The paper must follow MLA format
 All citations must be given in MLA format, both in-text and in the works cited page.

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