Posted: September 16th, 2022

One paper should be a review (secondary) source and one paper should be a primary paper.

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Find TWO research papers to support our research project on breast density and link to breast cancer. One paper should be a REVIEW (secondary) source and one paper should be a PRIMARY paper. After selecting your primary and secondary sourced papers, share the link and a short 300-500 word overview of the work. You do not need to totally understand the content….don’t worry we will get there. But read it and provide your best overview of what you think was accomplished in the paper. In your overview please include the following: * What did the scientists hope to learn (introduction) * What was their hypothesis (usually in the introduction as well) * What are the independent and dependent variables? * How did the scientists perform their work (methods) * What did the scientists learn (results) * Why was this work important (discussion)

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