Posted: September 22nd, 2022

Papers which receive an “a” must meet all criteria to include clarity and relevance to the assignment.

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Response Paper 1 Written communication is an essential skill when majoring in Addiction Counseling and the social sciences, in fact it continues to be extremely important after graduation and when you start working as a counselor/therapist. This assignment is intended to be a “low stakes” way for you to improve on your writing skills as you work towards being students in a bachelor degree and even masters degree program. Specific grading criteria are further list below but I am particularly looking for good structure (thesis statement, intro paragraph, body, and conclusion) and a a paper that shows you have spent some time researching and thinking about the topic. The paper is only 250-300 words long so it is important that you include the “right” words that represent your full point of view with the correct structure. The paper is to be submitted electronically through Canvas. The topic is below and if you have questions please let me know or if you just want to discuss the assignment I would be happy to discuss. ***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Topic Medical marijuana was approved in Oklahoma in June of 2018. What do you see as the benefits and potential detriments of the legalization of medical marijuana? Also, what impact do you think it will have on addiction rates and the need for treatment for marijuana or other drugs across Oklahoma? ***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** The information below was copy and pasted from the course syllabus General Information: The following guidelines are set for the two (2) required response papers that equal a total of 100 points. The papers are to be computer-generated (typed), double-spaced, 12 font style Times New Roman. See sample paper for format appearance. Keep in mind that in today’s society accomplishment is measured, in part, on producing a product on time. Submitting your best work on time fulfills one of the goals of a college education. This percentage will be the same regardless of how many days the paper is late. A description of grading criteria for these papers is offered in order to help you receive the highest possible score. Papers are submitted through Canvas. The following criteria will be used in grading your papers: format – 20%, Format – 20% All papers are to be double-spaced using standard font size 12 Times New Roman in MS Word document form. Do not use a larger font in order to get by with fewer words in your mechanics – 20%, Mechanics – 20% Your writing should consist of grammatically complete The elementary rules of English grammar should be followed. Watch for misspelled words. Use conventional punctuation for written English. content – 60%. Content – 60% Please do not use quotes in these short papers. It is better to use your own words. Other general comments on content pertain to revision and proofreading. Choose your words The assignment is short in length. The instructor is looking for quality, not quantity. Be concise. Pay careful attention to the 250-300 words. The two papers altogether equal a total of 100 points. A further description of grading criteria for these papers is offered below in order to help you receive the highest possible score. Response Paper – Write in first person, singular, stating your ideas, thoughts, feelings, or opinion on the item or article to be assigned. Write 250-300 words using the standard format as described above and pay attention to the assigned heading format according to the sample. Additional Grading Criteria Some additional description of grading criteria might be helpful. Papers which receive an “A” must meet all criteria to include clarity and relevance to the assignment. Papers which receive a “B” must meet the criteria for format and content. They should be relevant, yet may lack clarity due to mechanics problems. Papers which receive a “C” show relevance to the assignment, but lack in content, format, or mechanics. Papers which receive a “D” must be relevant to the course, but lack significantly in content, format, and/or mechanics. Papers which receive an “F” are judged irrelevant to the course material and/or lack in the remaining criteria. Sample Paper Format See below for what your paper heading format should look like. The heading format (left hand side) is a part of a standardized scoring technique and therefore it is important to follow this format. [Your Name] AC 1103 – CRN # [Date] [Word Count] [Title] [Your title/subject] 250-300 words of commentary (Remember to set heading on single-spacing!) (Your commentary will be double-spaced)

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