Posted: February 19th, 2022

Personal Wellness Profile Paper

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PED 271 Personal Wellness Profile Paper
The paper will consist of a 3-5 page self-reflection of your personal wellness profile throughout the course. The self-reflection will describe the areas of wellness you need to improve or maintain and provide strategies to ensure success in achieving your wellness goals.
)  Paper Length (3-5 pages)
2)  Self Reflection (areas needing maintenance) – Workout routines for arms mainly and time management on workouts  and give examples on how they can be repaired
3)  Self Reflection (areas needing improvement) – Include improvement in emotional, physical fitness nutrition
4)  Strategies to Improve Overall Wellness
5)  Discuss All 7 Dimensions of Wellness. Example: Physical, Emotional, Mental, Social, Environmental, Occupational, Spiritual
7)  Discuss Results of Fitness Assessment Assignment- You can put average percentile rankings for these tests, 1)  Alternate Hand Wall Toss (Coordination), Stork Balance Stand (Balance), Vertical Jump (Power), Side-Step (Agility), 8 Foot Up and Go (Speed, Agility, & Balance)
9)  Overall Quality of Paper (Spelling/Grammatical Errors)
10)  Cite Information in APA Format (Bibliography & Within Text)

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