Posted: May 5th, 2022

Pet Rock Project Final

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Pet Rock Project Final
Length and format of paper – As stated on Blackboard, the minimum length is two pages, but generally is between 2-3 pages. Please format with 12 pt. font and double spacing. Word documents only, no PDFs. Some students really develop the story of their pet rock so write volumes, while others address the guiding questions provided in a concise manner. Both are fine, but you are welcome to have some fun and develop a persona for your rock. (I gave you an opening paragraph about “Corazon” as an example.)
Use in text citations and include a Works Cited section – See me if you are having difficulties in formatting sources in the APA format. Here is a way to cite info from class. If you have already submitted your assignment, you do not have to revise it based on the example below.
Gartner, J. (2020). Metamorphic Rock Identification Chart, Fall 2020, (laboratory handout.) Retrieved from NASC130: Principles of Geology, Bentley University.
Accuracy in Identification – You must identify your rock and give it an official rock name. More importantly, you must explain why you identify the rock as you do. If you call your rock a granite, even if it is a diorite or a sandstone, support why you believe it is a granite. I am much less concerned with your accuracy then with how you support your decision and answer the required questions. I am grading you on your understanding of geology.
My rock is a rose quartz crystal.
Age and family history – You may not know the numerical age of your rock, but there may be clues as to its age if you know the age of the location where you found it, as well as by the type of rock it is. If it is a sandstone, remember that the grains that make up a sandstone are older than the rock itself. Mention this. If your rock is part of Bentley campus bedrock or Stonehurst bedrock, look up the regional geologic history (and cite your source.) If it looks like it was landscaping material, think about how it became this. If you have a gneiss, you know that this type of metamorphic rock was once a schist, and before that, a slate. Think of it as describing a family tree. Use the rock ID sheets. Your rock may or may not have fossils (or index fossils) that indicate if it associated with swamps, oceans, etc. Use the Relative Time principles.
Place of origin – Where is your rock’s likely birthplace? Pluton or volcano? Mountains? Desert? Ocean? Outer space? This is the start of its life story, and not that of its ancestors.
Distinguishing marks (Geologic time lectures) – If there are none, then skip this section. Just record in your paper that your pet rock has none. Some students have fossils, inclusions, imprints, etc. in their rocks.
Hazardous gang (hazards and natural disasters lectures) – Could your rock have been involved in a natural disaster? For example, a river rock may have been carried by flood water or a breccia may have experienced a landslide. This is speculative so support your idea. Think about different natural hazards and disasters around the world and see if your rock type could have been associated with one. Another way to look at it is to wonder if your rock could lead to liquefaction, subsidence, a major earthquake, volcanic eruption or any other type of disasterous event. Be sure to explain why.
Economic resource (energy and mineral resource lectures) – What is your rock good for? Landscaping? Building? Technology? Fuel?
Future (Climate Change lectures and rock cycle) – What are the consequences of climate change to the planet and how will these affect your pet rock? Is it part of the problem or part of the solution?
Word Bank – I provided a list of words that you can, but are not required to use in your paper. Remember though, despite the story aspect of this project, I am measuring your understanding of what you learned over the semester and use of these terms where appropriate. These terms may help in determining what to include in your paper.

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