Posted: September 22nd, 2022

Please read the first section by ruin from the routledge international handbook of memory studies edited by anna lisa tota and trever hagen, published by routledge in 2016 and write a 250-word critique on the first reading:

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Module 2 – What does it mean to remember the past? Brief History of the Museum, and Critique. What Kind of an Experiences Makes a Museum? The above is the general theme of the module, below are specific readings with their own specific issues:
1) What is Hans Ruin’s thesis, and how does he support it. What would you draw from it?
Please read the first section by Ruin from the Routledge International Handbook of Memory Studies edited by Anna Lisa Tota and Trever Hagen, published by Routledge in 2016 and write a 250-word critique on the first reading:
Ruin, Hans. “Housing Spirits: The Grave as an Exemplary Site of Memory.” Routledge International Handbook of Memory Studies, edited by Anna Lisa Tota and Trevor Hagen. Routledge, 2015, 131-140.
Memory Readings Tota and Hagen (edts) Housing Spirits – Hans Ruin and Disaster – Bin Xu.pdf
2) Private, Populist, Pedagogic, Patriotic, Pluralist…?
What are the origins of the museum? What is exhibited? What purpose do museums serve? For whom are they? In which ways do the collections, the way they are exhibited, and venues that house them change over time? Give examples from each period, and note and evaluate the change. How does a museum (exhibit) become controversial?
Please do a 250-word critique of the Introduction (pp. 1-27) to the Riches, Rivals & Radicals: 100 Years of Museums in America by Schwarzer. (This time exceptionally I have included the intro (while you may be arranging to use library resources).
Schwarzer, Marjorie. “Introduction.” Riches, Rags, and Radicals. 100 Years of Museums in America. American Association of Museums, 2012, 1-28.
3.a) Gloomy Doomed Temples, or Something Else, if…?
Please do a 250-word critique on the text by John Cotton Dana. How far do you agree with his suggestions on how to transform the museums of his day? Has that happened… by today – exactly 100 years since the New Jersey author, founder of the Neward Musem of Art wrote this?
Take a look at the museum website:
Incorporate relevant information from the museum resources – A Museum and It’s City:
Dana, John Cotton, The Gloom of the Museum, 17-33 in Anderson, Gail (ed). Reinventing the Museum. The Evolving Conversation on the Paradigm Shift. Altamira, Second Edition. 2012. John Cotton Dana – Gloom of the Museum.pdf
3.b) Reinvention… as salvation?
Anderson, Gail (ed). Reinventing the Museum: The Evolving Conversation, Alta Mira, 2012
Incorporate elements from Gail Anderson’s compendium in your above assessment by J.C. Dana
Reinventing_the_Museum (2).zip
A way to address the questions and the issues from the readings is can be by discussing key terms and ideas, and the development of the given practices, with the examples introduced by the authors of texts. A way to critique is to point out to shortcomings of the individual author’s text, or idea proposed, or the practice that the author has observed. These texts are not calling for a reflective response – although you can introduce your experiences of visiting museums in dealing with the text by Schwarzer, and the text by Dana, incl. resources by the Newark MA. Cite your source(s) in the text of your assessment for each section (see link Originality and Format for in-text and work cited format, and other tips). This module upload is to consist of 3 separate critiques of the above readings, clearly separated, i.e. each critique on its own page, with work cited at the bottom of the page. This is to be typed and saved/uploaded as a single word doc, word docx, or pdf.

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