Posted: September 16th, 2022

Please see the below notes for my research question.

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Please see the below notes for my research question. I believe she wants a more specific variable in the research question. Instead of a demographic framework, identify one particular variable. Please review and edit as needed to meet the corrections. Thank you! “you must predict/hypothesize that something matters….that is, you can’t test nothing and see what matters. Please refine or narrow the scope of your research and hypothesize about a single variable and how it matters. If you want to look at more variables, develop more hypotheses”
Research Question:
Does the demographic framework of race and gender identity determine graduate school educational achievement?
The frameworks of gender identity and race predict student academic achievement.
Theory: The research question concerns the demographic framework of race and gender identity indicators of academic achievement. The hypotheses will aid in determining the research aim and objectives and primary abstract concepts involved in this research. Motivational Systems Theory (MST) is used to assess student’s performance and academic achievement achieved along all race and gender lines. This objective is met by exploring the association between these college students’ academic achievement and racial and gender identity. Motivation is described as the systematic structuring of three psychological functions that regulate, energize, and guide goal-directed action in the Motivational Systems Theory, such as context beliefs; it entails one’s perception of the level of support they get from their environment. Individuals alone cannot be at their best performance; they need personal agencies from their surroundings, such as the organization they associate with. In this sense, students fail to achieve their full potential due to poor context beliefs based on racial and gender identity lines. The poor context beliefs emanate from a lack of support from the education system. The disparities in the provision of resources such as education among groups such as racial/ethnic minorities and members of the LGBTQ reduce their level of academic achievements. Poor performance among students coming from the demographic framework can be attributed to poor context beliefs. The students making up the demographic framework of race and gender identity need better interaction between their context beliefs and personal capability to increase their graduate school educational achievement.

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