Posted: September 16th, 2022

Please use evidence to support your points from the pdf, state the quote and page #.

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PDF link to reading-
Please use evidence to support your points from the PDF, state the quote and page #. Assignment: Write an interpretive essay in which you focus on three elements that, in your view, reveal why Sanders finds it so difficult to be in a relationship with his alcoholic father as depicted in his text “Under the Influence.” In addition, discuss two ways in which growing up with an alcoholic father affected Sanders’ life in the present, as adult.
Advance a unified and developed thesis, and support and explain this thesis through well-constructed analytical body paragraphs (Claim / Supporting Evidence / Explanation), as we have been discussing in class. Constructing the Essay: You should use your work on our previous assignments to help build your essay. In order to construct an effective response to this assignment, you will need to use the elements of analytical college writing we have covered in class thus far. You will need to: 1) construct an arguable, specific, and complex thesis statement that unifies; 2) create analytical paragraphs that relate to and help develop this thesis (subordination); 3) include and analyze appropriate evidence from the text in these paragraphs (particularly quotations) to support your claims; 4) develop your paragraphs with sufficient interpretive explanation. Try to “do more with less.”
Length: aim for 4 pages (typed, double-spaced)

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