Posted: February 3rd, 2022

Pneumococcal vaccine

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Read the following scenario:J.D. is a 72-year-old farmer who is in the hospital after getting kicked by a cow while performing the morning chores. J.D. has a collapsed lung with a chest tube to water seal as well as a lacerated spleen. The provider ordered a pneumococcal vaccine upon discharge; this information is written on the communication board in J.D.’s room.
You are working in the unit and overhear the patient ask an unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) about the purpose of the vaccine. The UAP incorrectly explains the purpose of the vaccine to the patient. The UAP tells the patient the vaccine will help him to not “catch pneumonia” while in the hospital.
(Consider before posting your reply: Will this vaccine actually protect the patient from catching pneumonia while in the hospital?)
By Thursday, in a post to this discussion, reply to the following:Addressing the patient, using only layman terms (Hi Mr. ……..), what information would you give the patient about the vaccine? (Under this prompt, use bullets, hyphens, etc. to create a list of practical items you would share in educating the patient about the vaccine.)
Addressing the patient, how would you explain the incorrect information given to him by the UAP?
Using layman terminology, how would you address the UAP in this situation?
Reminders: Do no use medical terminology when teaching or instructing patient, family, caregiver, or general public, and in this case a non-professional UAP.
The information must be presented using only layman’s terms.
Additional guidelines for completing this discussion assignment: Include a BOLDED prompt/question at the start of each of the items so it is clear which prompt is being addressed.
Your post should be original and directly related to the topics at hand.
Use bullets, spacing, numbers, etc., to make your post reader-friendly, professional in appearance, and organized for the readers.
Reference and in-text citation are required and should be formatted according to 7th edition APA guidelines (scroll down for an example).
Requirements: At least a paragraph for each response to the patient and nurse aide   |   .doc file

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