Posted: May 5th, 2022

prepare a chiropractic management plan for a hypothetical patient with a head and neck condition/complaint

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Each student will prepare a chiropractic management plan for a hypothetical patient with a head and neck condition/complaint. Then each student will complete a literature review using 3-5 published peer review research articles or case reports about that condition/complaint.
After the literature review is completed, each student must document in the management plan how the patient care will be informed or amended by the information obtained from the literature review.
The literature review case management project must be double spaced and be a minimum of 3 double sided pages (6 total pages) using size 12 font. Abstracts are not required for this assignment. However, the literature search database table/chart, case report/research article abstracts, a cover page, and a reference page MUST be included to complete the literature review case management.
The required Citation Style for College of chiropractic reference is NLM Style.
Parts of the Literature Review:
The Literature Review MUST have ALL the following parts/pages :
1. Cover Page: must be centered
2. Introduction: with citations – Introduce condition and patient with management
3. Methods : search for keywords using SCOPUS, PubMed, Galileo, ICL, etc..
4. Results: number of articles found, criteria for choosing 3-5 peer reviewed
5. Discussion: review articles chosen, discuss for data, relevance to topic, etc, compare or contrast research
6. Conclusion: Analysis of literature, summation of relevance to topic
7. Work Cited/References : See Life University reference citing criteria
8. Search Criteria Documentation: See RSCH 1501 document
9. Abstracts of peer reviewed research articles cited in paper – copy, screen shot abstracts only
The introduction should include:
1) A clear statement of the topic and its parameters
2) Why the research area is important, interesting, problematic or relevant in some way
3) Statistics or examples of what can be part of the introductions
4) Cite any articles used in introduction using either a parenthetical (Last name, year) or superscript number
✓Introduce patient, presentation, physical examination findings, and proposed management
A key aspect of the literature review is the ‘systematic’ part
This means there must be an order and structure to how your research has been undertaken This needs to be illustrated in the method section:
1. 2.
Where you searched Initially specify where you searched for articles that were included in your systematic review
The following are examples of resources that are commonly used:
a) Journal databases ie ICL, Galileo, PubMed, Google Scholar, etc..
b) Subject specific professional websites or Government data
c) No .COM websites
How you searched?
3. a) b) c)
Specify the terms that you used when searching for articles
Use the search terms consistently when searching all resources).
When searching for resources it is important that you do not just rely on one or two search terms – use suitable synonyms
The results section is where you report the findings of your study based upon the
methodology [or methodologies] you applied to gather information
What did your topic search produce? Number of articles obtained from various sources
State what articles you found after searching key words Criteria used for selecting 3-5 of those articles for Lit Review Discussion
The main point of your discussion section is to discuss each article and their find findings Discuss each article
Did the articles support your hypothesis?
Did they bring in other ideas you did not think of initially?
Remember that no significance is not the same as no difference
You should base your discussion only on the articles obtained in your literature search
The discussion section is not always about what you found, but what you did not find, and
how you deal with that
Stating that the results are inconclusive is the easy way out, and you must always try to pick
out something of value
This should be a substantial portion of your literature review
Your conclusion should give a summary of:
the main agreements and disagreements in the
any gaps or areas for further research
your overall perspective on the topic
Significant differences and/or similarities
Explain how this new literature will inform/change management patient Compare old management plan to new one
Checklist for a Literature Review
Have I:
-outlined the purpose and scope?
-Identified appropriate and credible (academic/scholarly) literature?
-recorded the bibliographical details of the sources?
-analyzed and critiqued the articles?
-identified gaps in the literature and research?
-explored methodologies / theories / hypotheses / models? -discussed the varying viewpoints?
-written an introduction, body and conclusion?
– Patient history, exams and management provided in Introduction -Patient informed management changes provided in Conclusion -checked punctuation and spelling? (They DO Count)

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