Posted: February 24th, 2022

Program Design and Workflow Processes

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Following is in regards to nursing leadership
Discussion Board #1
Program Design and Workflow Processes
During the spring semester of 2021, my practicum project involved the use of Epic’s Deterioration Index (DI), an artificial intelligence-based algorithm within the electronic health record useful for prediction of patients who might need to be transferred to a higher level of care. Through integration of data, the DI is formulated, allowing nurses to identify patients whose conditions may need acute intervention. When used on a medical surgical unit, the DI may contribute to improved patient outcomes through early identification of workflow needs. At Englewood Hospital, use of the DI was implemented as an innovative method to complement nursing care. As technology advances, so must program designs and processes.
Considering the attached articles, as well as any additional applicable evidence-based research, please answer the following questions:
How can nurse leaders exemplify a commitment to technological advancements related to program design and workflow processes?
Are there such innovations in your own institution? If so, please describe. Is technological intelligence viewed positively, or as a threat to traditional nursing care?
Ang, R. (2019). Use of content management systems to address nursing workflow. International Journal of Nursing Sciences, 6: 454-459.
Canfield, C, Perez-Protto, S., Kuba, M., Hata, S, & Chiedozie, U. (2022). Beyond the nuts and bolts: Tele-critical care patients, workflows, and activity patterns Telemedicine and e-Health, 28(1): 73-83.
Roddy, L. (2020). Employing design thinking methods in nursing to improve patient outcomes. Nursing Forum, 55: 553-558.
Nursing Forum – 2020 – Roddy – Employing design thinking methods in nursing to improve patient outcomes.pdf

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