Posted: February 15th, 2022

Project Resources & Project Tracking

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a cyber security question and need guidance to help me learn.MS Project Assignment 2 – Project Resources & Project TrackingAttached Files: MSP Assignment 2_SAMPLE OUTPUT.pdf MSP Assignment 2_SAMPLE OUTPUT.pdf – Alternative Formats (203.271 KB)
MS-P Part 2 INSTRUCTIONS REVISED.docx MS-P Part 2 INSTRUCTIONS REVISED.docx – Alternative Formats (25.288 KB)
Chalktalk 2012 for MS-P Part 2_STARTER FILE.mpp (448 KB)
PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE YOU BEGIN! All documents needed to complete this assignment are included in this submission link. INSTRUCTIONS – This document will provide the instructions needed to complete this assignment.
STARTER FILE – This is the actual MS Project file that you will START your assignemnt with.
SAMPLE OUTPUT shows you what your output files should look like if you completed the instructions correctly
You will submit your PDF files for this assignment here. Note that the files must be PDF files and you will attach 3 files as shown in the instructions. A grading rubric for this assignment is available If you click on the submission link.
Requirements: 1000

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