Posted: September 22nd, 2022

•provide an appropriate, professional “close” for the call on your interview recording.

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*****Discussion Question 1*****
System Components
In today’s world, many initial interviews are conducted online. Some companies ask potential employees to create a video for their interviews. For this discussion post, you will create an initial interview video that answers the interview questions fully. Please dress professionally and use appropriate software to ensure that you have a quality interview video.
•For this position, you will be supporting end-users for an innovative computer hardware company where customers order a custom-built computer system. You receive a call from a customer who needs you to walk them through the entire ordering process. Among other things, include the following in your customer support.
•What are you going to use the system for? (You make up a scenario such as serious gaming, online video editing, or running a small global business from their home office).
•What features would you want to have?
•What types of programs are you planning on running?
•What system components would you suggest that they include in their system in order to meet their expectations?
•What additional factors would you include in your recommendation?
•Provide an appropriate, professional “close” for the call on your interview recording. Remember to thank the interviewers for watching your first interview.
Submit your recording to this discussion board so that others may view the recording. You may submit the file or the YouTube URL.
Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.
*****Discussion Question 2*****
Answer the following prompts in full paragraph form as though you are responding to job interview questions for a high-paying job that you really want. Include sufficient detail to demonstrate you have a solid understanding of the concepts and you can explain your thinking on a professional level.
•The Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) provides processes, recommendations, and analyses of cybersecurity.
•Content (provide supporting data): Review the website and provide feedback on the following:
•What are some recently known vulnerabilities?
•What is the purpose of the CISA?
•Analysis: What are some takeaways you had after reviewing this site? Did anything surprise you?
•Sources: Be sure to supplement your findings with supporting facts from outside sources. A reference list and in-text citations should be made using APA formatting.

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