Posted: September 22nd, 2022

Provide an internet citation for each polling source discussed.

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It has long been argued, particularly by conservatives, that there is a liberal bias in the mass media. On the other hand, progressives and liberals counter that conservative media has its own bias and that conservative media spends most of its time trying to invoke fear and division in the general public. With these two points of view in mind, please respond to the following question. Assignment: (1) How is the media, biased, more towards progressive-liberal values, conservative values or in both directions depending on the specific media outlets you may access? Explain your response. (2) Find two or more examples of media bias (video clip, article, images) and attach to your Dropbox submission. Explain in detail how these example/s represent media bias and the impact that it has on public opinion. As part of your research and examination of media bias include recent polling data results showing the public’s confidence in the objectivity or fairness of the media. Provide an Internet citation for each polling source discussed. Essays should be submitted in a word processed document. -Essays should be 4-5 double-spaced pages of content. This page count does not include your cover page or your reference page. This will also exclude any charts, pictures, or graphs. -Margins should be set to at least 1″. Text should be set at Align Left. Use one of the following typefaces: Arial, Garamond, Times New Roman, Georgia or Bookman Old Style. Set the body of your essay in 12 point type. -Include a cover page with your name, the name of the assignment, the due date, the course number, and contact information (student email address). -Write in complete sentences and paragraphs. No bullet points or lists will be accepted. -Feel free to use images and graphs but page counts must be adhered to. -Correct spelling and grammar will be taken into consideration in the evaluation. Do a spell check and proofread your essay before submitting it. -Cite all sources! I cannot stress the importance of citing your sources within your paper enough. REMEMBER: Any information or idea that is not your own MUST BE CITED. These citations include in-text citations in the paper, and a formal reference section at the end of the paper. *Listing the links to the websites that were used is not a proper reference section. Cover page info: Liberal Bias in Mass Media; POLS1101; September 25th 2022;

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