Posted: February 5th, 2022

PSY 215 Project One TemplateUse the following article to support you in writing

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PSY 215 Project One Template
Use the following article to support you in writing your blog post: Tips for Writing Popular Blog Posts. Complete this template by replacing the bracketed text with the relevant information.
Part OneUse this Project One Template to complete your blog post. You will first review the various psychological disorders that you’ve learned about in the course and select 3 disorders to focus on for this assignment. Using a minimum of 3 to 5 sentences per bullet for each psychological disorder, respond to each of the rubric criteria below to structure your blog post. Support your answers with credible sources when appropriate.
Blog post headline: [Insert text]
Three selected disorders:[Insert text][Insert text][Insert text]
In your own words, identify and describe the main diagnostic features of each of the disorders selected.[Insert text]Consider biomedical factors: Describe what it means to characterize the disorders as “diseases of the nervous system and the body.”[Insert text]Consider clinical factors: Describe the similarities between the disorders selected. In what ways might these similarities impact diagnosis and treatment?[Insert text]Consider historical factors: Describe the ways deinstitutionalization has impacted patient rights, levels of care, and access to treatment of the disorders over time.[Insert text]Consider sociocultural factors: Describe the social and cultural changes that have caused shifts in the public’s perception of the disorders over time.[Insert text]Part TwoFor Part Two, choose 1 disorder from the 3 you discussed in Part One. Respond to each of the three questions in a minimum of 3 to 5 sentences. Support your answers with credible sources when appropriate and address the rubric criteria.
One selected disorder:[Insert text]Consider the mind-body connection: Describe whether a discernible bidirectional relationship exists between the disorder and physical illness. If so, explain.[Insert text]Consider the impact of language and messaging: Describe how the words we use (e.g., in casual conversation, in media communications) when discussing a disorder influence our willingness or ability to manage the disorder.[Insert text]Consider the effect of lifestyle choices: Describe the small, but significant, changes in attitude/behavior we can make that could help us to manage the symptoms of the disorder.[Insert text]

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