Posted: February 10th, 2022

Purpose: Completing the Draft Community Overview & Current Events

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Purpose: Completing the Draft Community Overview & Current Events Summary will increase familiarity with the community selected from instructor-provided list.Instructions: the writer should complete the following tables thats attached o the word doc below and submit both data collection templates and narrative summaries for the community overview and current events section via Canvas by due date listed on the Course Schedule. Community Overview:writer should research the county/community selected for the Project by completing the community overview data collection template below. The selected county is Lawrence, in Ohio states. should locate 2-3 newspaper or online news source articles, for the selected community, current or from the last 3-5years, which describe issues impacting the community’s health. Think broadly and consider public health issues such as environmental concerns, health policy, changes in leadership, outbreaks, interventionsCommunity Current Events Summary should review the Community Current Events Data Collection Template and construct a 1-2-page narrative summary which describes to the reader the issues/events that have been newsworthy in recent week/months. The intent of this section is to provide context regarding those issues/events that are uppermost in the minds of residents of this community.
Requirements: around 4

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