Posted: September 16th, 2022


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For the two discussions, you were required to read CH5 (“Iceland: Happiness is Failure) and CH7 (“Thailand: Happiness is Not Thinking”). You can read the discussion questions prior to reading the two chapters. But I recommend you read the book first and develop your responses afterward. To me, each chapter has clear storylines, and they are easy to follow. However, you may not have the same conclusion about how individuals perceive happiness in each country the author visited. The class will meet Friday, September 30 via zoom to discuss your responses so please bring your own voice when you develop your responses. Q1. Larus said “Failure doesn’t carry a stigma in Iceland (p.162).” He also said that “being naïve is okay(p.167).” (1) Explain the meaning of the two sentences. And (2) analyze how they are related to happiness in Iceland. Q2. As I read CH5, I found many similarities between Icelanders and the Gen Zs. What are some characteristics (or the way that Icelanders live their lives) of Icelanders are similar to you? Q3. The author stated that “Thais don’t trust words. They view them as tools of deception, not truth. The Thais have a different way, the way of mai pen lai (p.226).” (1) Explain how the mai pen lai attitude is related to happiness in Thailand. (2) Most Thais realize that they are not in control of their fates, and this liberates them (p.241). How does it explain the mai pen lai attitude? Q4. The author used an example of a banana tree to demonstrate jai yen, cool heart. (1) Explain the cultural meaning of jai yen. (2) How is jai yen related to Thais religious beliefs? Please respond to all four questions when you write your essay. Your responses should be based on your reading. You are allowed to either agree or disagree with the author’s perspectives. If your answers do not reflect the contents from the “Geography of Bliss”, then points will be deducted. If you want to borrow ideas from other sources, please cite the work in your writing. Please follow the APA or MLA style guidelines. Writing Style: 2-3 page memo, submitted in a standard 12-font point (limited to Time New Roman, Arial, Calibri, Cambria) 8 ½ X 11 page size, single-spaced, and is to be submitted as a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx). Please follow the below memo format. TO: FROM: Your Name SUBJECT: Discussion 2: Geography of Bliss (Iceland vs. Thailand) DATE:

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