Posted: February 19th, 2022

read all of Arrian’s Anabasis (also known as the Campaigns of Alexander the Great).

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Over the course of the semester, you will read all of Arrian’s Anabasis (also known as the Campaigns of Alexander the Great). You will read this on your own time, and you will write a 5-6 page paper using one of the prompts below as well as the format.
To introduce you to the ancient historians who are seen by ancient and modern scholars alike as essential to our understanding of history
To experience the authors’ literariness and differing aims and methods of writing history.
To introduce you to works of literature that are characterized as important to the Western canon of literature.
To show an in-depth understanding of a central text and how it fits into the larger context of Greek culture and society.
Instructions.  The following are the rules for all papers:
Your essays must be 1.5-double spaced, size 12 font, New Times Roman.
Papers should be five (5) pages in length (no more than 6).
Make sure that your name, date, course and course number are on the paper
Provide a title that suitably describes your paper.
Papers should be analytical and argumentative.  Do not just describe what is going on in the text.  You want to argue something.
Provide a clear and arguable thesis early in your paper.
In order to argue about a text effectively, you must provide numerous examples from the primary source to support your claims.
Citation from the text must be consistent (if you use in-text citation, do so throughout. The same is true with footnotes). Use Chicago Manual of Style format.
You may use outside sources, but they must be vetted by professionals in the field (i.e., no wikipedia).  Any additional source you use must be cited fully and correctly.  Make sure you do so, or it will be considered plagiarism.
Provide a bibliography for your paper (even if it is just one source) and make sure that it aligns with Chicago Manual of Style.
Please also consult the course policy for Academic Honesty below.
Arrian, Alexander the Great
Pick one of the topics below.
The purpose of ancient historical writing was primarily to provide moral guidance to readers. To what extent is Arrian’s account a “moral” text?  Explain by using examples from the text.

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