Posted: February 24th, 2022

Read in Elements of Argument “The True Meaning of the Word…” (304) and “Twitter Bans Dehumanization”

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Read in Elements of Argument “The True Meaning of the Word…” (304) and “Twitter Bans Dehumanization” (305).Download “A Letter from Birmmingham Jail.”
Respond to BOTH readings with ONE Reading Response (RR). Make sure you mention the titles and authors of each essay as you discuss them. See instructions on how to write a Reading Response here.
Instructions on How To Write A Reading Response (RR)
How To Write A Reading Response (RR)
For each RR (Reading Response), you MUST respond to assigned reading(s) per RR in a single TYPED response of 800-1000 words. You do not have to double space your work, but you can. You do not need to use MLA formatting, but you can.
As stated above, you will be assigned between 1-2 essays/articles (or sections of readings) to respond to in a SINGLE 800-1000 word response. You are NOT required to respond to each reading with its own separate Reading Response (you will end up writing too much if you do this). Again, you are only required to write a SINGLE 800-1000 word response that encompasses all the assigned readings, whether it is 1 assigned essay/article or more. At the bottom of this post, you will find links to sample student Reading Responses to give you an idea on how to complete and format your RR.
An RR must meet the word count and be treated like a mini essay with indented paragraphs and attention to proper citation and correct use of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. You must mention all the names of the authors AND titles of the essays you are responding to.
Approach each assigned essay as a critical reader. You should apply annotative methods when you read to help with the writing process (see” (Links to an external site.)How to Annotate”). Your writing should cover the questions below:
1.) What is the thesis/argument of each essay? How is it presented?
2.) Who is the audience? how do examples or tone of the writing help you determine who the audience is?
3.) How do the essays use “elements” of argument/rhetorical concepts and strategies we’ve covered in class?
4.) If there are two readings, how do they compare to one another?
5.) Do any of the examples provided challenge or confirm your own views?
6.) Pose some challenges for the author(s). How can each essay’s argument or examples be improved?
At the top left hand corner of your RR, please include your name, date, and RR# and a title (title of the readings OR your own title that addresses the theme in the readings).

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