Posted: September 23rd, 2022

Reading response paper one is due at the end of week five as indicated on the syllabus.

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o Tell the Truth Freely: the Life of Ida B. Wells, New York: Hill & Wang, 2009. GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS A. Write a five-page analytical essay in response to one (1) of the questions presented below. B. Essays must be typewritten and double spaced using the Times New Roman font at the 12-point size. Footnotes or endnotes must be used for all direct quotations and any use of material from books or other sources. Pages must be numbered, and an accurate word account must be included at the end. No essay should be shorter than 1500 words or longer than 1800 words. C. Essays must be clearly written and well organized using correct spelling, grammar and English language usage. Students should consult appropriate reference texts for questions of style, grammar and proper format for citations. D. Essays should aim to develop one or more specific arguments that are laid out in an introductory paragraph and carefully developed using material from the text. Essays should aim to answer one of the questions posed rather than simply summarizing parts of the book. E. Essays should be clear and understandable to any college-level reader, including readers who are not familiar with the contents of the book Ebony and Ivy. Do not write a paper assuming that the course instructor is the only reader. Include enough summary, context and background information that any general adult reader can follow your arguments and ideas. F. This essay is based primarily on the book To Tell the Truth Freely by Mia Bay. Other assigned course readings may be used if appropriate or helpful. No independent research or extra readings are either expected or required. G. Reading Response Paper One is due at the end of WEEK FIVE as indicated on the syllabus. Students should remember to pay attention to in-class announcements which sometimes change paper due dates. H. Essays must be submitted electronically on Canvas in the ASSIGNMENTS section as an attachment. No paper copy submission is required for this assignment. Grades and comments will also be posted in Canvas. ESSAY QUESTIONS 1. Historian Mia Bay titles Chapter Five of this biography: Capturing the Attention of the “Civilized World.” Although this title refers most directly to Wells campaigns in Great Britain, As a writer, a journalist and an activist Ida B. Wells Barnett spent made many of her most important contributions to the African-American freedom struggle in communicating African-American experiences to various audiences. What were some of the different audiences with whom she sought to communicate over the course of her life and career? What ideas and strategies did she use to engage different audiences? 2. People often treat Ida B. Wells identity as a woman as little more than a demographic marker, indicating that both women and men played important roles as African-American leaders. However, how did her identity as a person of female gender specifically shape her life and work as she became a local, national and international leader in various arenas and different time periods. 3. Popular culture often portrays Ida B. Wells and other African-American leaders as lone crusaders or extraordinary heroic figures significantly different from members of the wider African-American community. What were Wells relationships over the course of her life with African-American organizations and African-American communities which shared her concerns about lynching and other challenges facing black people in the United States in the late 19th and early 20th century? MOST IMPORTANT: These questions are PROMPTS designed to assist in the development of each student’s individual essay. They are not questions for which any direct answer is sought. Do not focus on seeking a direct answer to any question. Use the selected prompt as a starting point for developing an essay in response to the issues raised in the book. Finally, carefully re-read instruction (D) on the first page of this assignment sheet. REMINDER: This paper is also a test of students’ reading of the entire biography of Ida B. Wells. Successful papers will make use of several different parts of the book from beginning to end rather than focusing on any single chapter or even one or two chapters.

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