Posted: September 23rd, 2022

Recommend limiting to chosen organization.

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A paper currently written need corrections Specific comments:
Chapter 2 has extra theories and I’m not sure why or how they will be used (not discussed in chapter 1 overview) Military to Civilian Transition seems to be a primary theory used and is hidden under the title Critical Race Theory and I don’t see CRT being applied so it is confusing. I also do not see Resource Dependence Theory as mentioned in chapter 1, explained in chapter 2.
In chapter 1 the student lays out MCT and Resource Dependence theories as the framework and I would expect those to be headers in chapter 2 to establish them. Instead, CRT has been added and I don’t see anything about Resource Dependence Theory so I am a bit confused.
Chapter 3
Population. Is it only for one organization or it is anyone responsible for the care or homeless female veterans globally? Recommend limiting to chosen organization.
Sample. 5 from each group, all using interviews, what makes this 3 data sources vice 1 group of 15? Even the individual data collection tools are almost identical and it is the same exact question in most cases and there is nothing done to show the significance of the separate groups. This really does look like 1 large group that is being broken into 3 but doesn’t establish as 3 data sources as far as I can see. What will be gained differently from the groups to establish they should be 3 separate groups? If they have different perspectives then the question should be tailored a bit more in my opinion.
Expert Panel review, still needed yes? (which is okay, just curious as no feedback is described).
I think most of this is either a simple clarification or maybe a simple structure for the groupings and I am okay with proceeding to defense knowing this will be addressed or questioned during defense if not before then.

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