Posted: September 20th, 2022

Reflection on learning (250 words)

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GAM / IT / FILM 228 Ethics in Gaming and Cinema
Final Essay Exam
Instructions: respond to each of the questions below.
Part I. Case Analysis (750 words)
• Choose a case study we have not covered in class and complete a case analysis by addressing each of the questions below
• You may use cases from the Markkula Center or find your own but please include a reference and working hyperlink to the article you are using.
Section I. Recognize an Ethical Issue
Provide a brief description of the ethical issue, the specific harms, and the stakeholders connected to the issue.
Section II. Get the Facts
Based on the facts provided in the case and your own independent research, identify the factual claims that are pertinent to the case analysis and the facts that are not known. Responses should have evidence of research.
Section III. Evaluate Alternative Actions
Identify and evaluate alternatives for acting, frequently referencing ethical principles covered in the course. Responses must demonstrate mastery of the ethical theory covered in the course. Responses do not need to include every ethical theory, but should reflect a comprehensive understanding of the material covered in the course with specific and direct reference to module materials with proper citation (either paraphrase or direct quotes). The analysis should conclude with a recommendation for a specific course of action.
Part II. Reflection on Learning (250 words)
Re-read your initial moral issue that you identified in Module 1 (Module 1 – Introductions). This was your baseline contribution. Using specific references to module discussions, case studies and the ethical frameworks studied in class, describe how your understanding of ethical theory has developed over the quarter.
Part III. Personal Mission Statement (no more than 250 words)
Personal Mission Statement. Write a Professional Mission Statement that describes your sense of social responsibility and your personal approach to ethics in your chosen field. Be sure to reference any existing codes of professional ethics.
• Overview of Ethics in Tech Practice:
• An Ethical Toolkit for Engineers / Design Practice:
• Best Ethical Practices in Technology:

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