Posted: March 15th, 2023

Research paper: This paper will consist of two parts and is to be 6 (SIX) doubl

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Research paper:
This paper will consist of two parts and is to be 6 (SIX) double spaced pages. While this assignment has two parts, it is meant to be read as a single cohesive document. (Also need outline of their paper)
You will be required to have a munimum of 5 (FIVE) academic peer-reviewed references in your paper.
All formatting and references should be in accordance with APA guidelines. Title and reference pages do not count towards the page limit.
Part 1 – Research Paper
In part one, you will detail a neuropsychological dysfunction or disorder. You will indicate what the dysfunction or disorder is. You will include aspects such as: the prevalence, symptomplogies, brain regions affected/implicated, and treatment. Essentially, what do we know about the dysfunction or disorder?
Part 2 – Reflection
In part two, you will detail the real world impact on the individual based on what you write in part 1. For example, you may detail that patients with dysfunction X develop cognitive problems. How might these cognitive problems interfere with independence or safety (of themselves or others). OR, perhaps dysfunction X requires intensive therapies multiple times a week. How might this affect the patients/families quality of life? This section is open ended.
Introduction: Is the topic appropriately introduced?
Depth: Paper draws from sources that represent the best primary (if applicable) and most comprehensive secondary information on the subject. Quantity of sources exceeds expectations.
Synthesis: Presentation of the evidence demonstrates a masterful understanding of its themes, both specific and general.
Relevance: Evidence is directly applicable to the analysis throughout
Topic: The dysfunction or disorder is described in appropriate detail
Reflection: Response demonstrates an in-depth reflection on, and personalization of, the dysfunction or disorder presented. Viewpoints and interpretations are insightful and well supported. Clear, detailed examples are provided, as applicable.
Response ponders the following questions:
– So What (Impact)? What factors affect the life of the patient?
– So What (Analysis)? Use of additional sources to support or challenge the so what (impact).
– Now What? Is anything unclear? How could we improve the patients quality-of-life?
Conclusion: Excellent summary of thesis argument with concluding ideas that impact reader. Introduces no new information.
Organization: Paper proceeds logically from start to finish and is coherent throughout.
APA Formatting and must include a minimum of 5 academic references. Thank you for your helping 🙂

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