Posted: February 9th, 2022

Schematic design report.

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The pre-construction planning process to solve a construction problem consists of the five steps: problem formulation – feasibility study – preliminary planning – detailed planning – implementation. The main purpose of taking these steps is to work out the full details of the best solution by providing necessary information (e.g., project goal, objectives, constraints, preliminary cost estimation and project duration, etc.) to a design phase. You will search the Internet to find the schematic design report of any public infrastructure project and summarize the project information in your report. The project information to be summarized in your report includes

  1. project description (e.g., goal, scope, existing information, etc.),
  2. project constraints (e.g., technical, cost, time, political, etc.)
  3. the list of design standards which were considered for the design of your project, and
  4. preliminary construction cost if applicable.

Look up one example of value engineering on the Internet, and discuss the example in one- page maximum.
Requirements: 5 pages

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