Posted: May 5th, 2022

Search advertising campaign for a company of your choice (product or service)

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Write a search advertising campaign for a company of your choice (product or service). Choose what type of campaign you are running (brand awareness, immediate sales, etc), explain your strategy and who you are targeting and what business problem you are trying to solve with the campaign.
Write the title, ad copy, and display URL (seen in notes – stay approximate to the word count seen). Include respective Also, mock-up the landing page and ensure that it is relevant to your PPC ad.
Choose 35-40 bidded keywords (tail term, head term, branded head, branded tail term) specific to the product or service you are advertising. You should breakdown your keyword for each behavior you think users will be searching for. Specify which type of search ad would you buy per keyword (broad, phrase, exact) and explain your reasoning for each.
Perform a google search for your keywords prior to finalizing your selection to see whether those words are heavily searched. If they are, then you have to refine your key words specific to the product or service. Assume your brand has a limited budget and so limit heavily searched keywords as much as you can. Do not use no more than 3 heavily searched terms – you have to be strategic. Explain your rationale for all keywords.
You should create a PPC campaign via powerpoint
Produce a document that explains why you choose each keyword (provide rationale). Explain rationale for each search type (broad, exact, phrase) you chose (35-40 keywords)
Evaluate competitors who are bidding on those keywords and formulate a keyword strategy (this should be incorporated in your rationale on why you chose each word). Extra credit will be given when groups use Google Keyword planner (the planner data must be evident in presentation).
Explain your campaign goal – Lead generation, sales, etc.
Define your target market and why are they searching and will use your keywords in the google search bar.
Design and mock up your PPC ad (title, display url etc – and provide rationale for each).
Design and mock up your Landing page of what it will look like and show creative in PPT.
Note: You should not use very low volume search words.
The company is
NO NEED FOR Powerpoint
Just Written part

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