Posted: September 20th, 2022

See slides 11-14 on the literature review lecture (powerpoint)

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Literature Review Assignment Guidelines
Assignment objectives
Literature Review and this assignment have three objectives
Help you and understand the existing body of work on your topic.
Help you identify the gaps in the existing body of knowledge on your topic (areas or issues begging for attention from researchers/scholars).
Help you identify and carve out an area that you can focus on for your research.
Content and Organization
See Slides 11-14 on the Literature Review lecture (PowerPoint)
The review must be written in essay format with clearly defined introduction, main body, and conclusion.
Your name, Course Number, and Assignment #3: Literature Review must all appear on the top left corner of the first page or on your title page.
Use the approved Research title (from Assignment #1) as the title of your essay. This title must be centered and underlined.
Assignment must be submitted in Times New Roman font, 12-point font size, one inch margins all around, and double-spaced.
Literature review must be four pages long (no more, no less). This length requirement excludes the title page (not required but may be used) and the works cited page (on a separate page). All pages must be numbered.
The review essay must include references to a minimum of FIFTEEN academic works (Journal articles and/or books).
List of works on the “Works Cited” page must be numbered.
The list of works must be arranged in alphabetical order using the authors’ last names
Use the MLA style of documentation for your in-text citations.
Assignment must be submitted as a Word Document.
Violation of any of these guidelines will be penalized.

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