Posted: September 22nd, 2022

She asks if you can feed him so she can be sure he is eating his entire lunch daily.

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Conflict resolution skills are critical for individuals working with children and families. In 1999, Pulido-Tobiassen and Gonzalez-Mena developed a 5 step strategy for discussing differences called R.E.R.U.N. The method is particularly helpful for those who face the challenges of working with families and young children of diverse cultures and helping staff and families to negotiate and dialogue cultural differences. While the five steps of the RERUN strategy are clear, applying them consistently takes some practice and skill. This assignment has two steps. STEP ONE: Review the steps of the RERUN approach outlined in the chart below. Then view each of the video clips, “Let Her Walk” and “El Gordito” from Essential Connections, Ten Keys to Culturally Sensitive Care, Child Care Video Magazine. See if you can identify which interaction best depicts use of the RERUN strategy. “let her walk” “el gordito” STEP TWO: Using the RERUN strategy of conflict resolution discussed in the Gonzalez-Mena text, please address the following two scenarios: 1) You are the proud teacher in a roomful of wonderful toddlers. You have a regularly scheduled naptime at 12:30 each day, and all of the children in your class are VERY ready for rest time by then. Emily, in particular, is always very tired right after lunch, rubbing her eyes and acting a bit fussy, and she goes down for her nap very easily. Today Emily’s mom approaches you and says, “Is there any way you can stop giving Emily a nap during the day? Whenever I pick her up she has slept so long I just can’t get her to bed at night, and that makes it really hard on me because we have to get up really early.” 2) You are the teacher on duty during lunchtime at your preschool.The children bring their lunches from home, so it is always a very busy time helping all the children get everything open, supervising the class in general, cleaning up spills, in addition to trying to sit and engage in pleasant conversation with the children while they eat. Today Kyle’s mother told you she was very concerned because she thinks Kyle is not eating enough of this lunch. She asks if you can feed him so she can be sure he is eating his entire lunch daily. Please respond to both scenarios using the RERUN strategy (30 points for each). An excellent response will apply each step in the RERUN process to each scenario in a thorough and culturally sensitive manner. Please label and address each RERUN step clearly in paragraph form as you apply the strategy to each scenario. APA requirements for this assignment are as follows: Title page (no headings need to be included); pages numbered; overall APA formatting with one inch margins, double spacing, and recommended font. No reference page is required unless you use something other than your course text or the attached handbook.

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