Posted: March 2nd, 2022

short film, “The Orange Story

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a history discussion question and need guidance to help me learn.WWII Discussion This is a two-part assignment. The first part is to watch a very short film, “The Orange Story”, that covers Executive Order 9066, Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s 1942 order to relocate Japanese Americans from their homes across the West. These Americans were removed from their homes and placed into internment camps for the duration of the war. This film combines acting with visual primary sources. It is, I think, especially moving and it will provide a bit of a template for what you will do in your discussion. The film is on Films on Demand through our library.Log into Atlas–>Search the Library–>Databases A-Z–>Enter “F”–>Films on Demand–>Advanced Search–>Search “The Orange Story”–>Watch (Links to an external site.)After you have watched the film, please pick one single part of WWII (a certain battle, a certain group, a military strategy, a death camp, the decision to use atomic weapons, even one person such as Anne Frank or Thomas Mann). Please a write 200-word essay explaining your event/person/group. This PBS site is a good source to explore different aspects of WWII: (Links to an external site.)Then, please find 5 visual primary sources that are related to your specific topic and copy them below your paragraph and briefly describe (one sentence) each image. For example, if your topic is resistance to the Nazi regime, your images should be from or about that resistance or if you want to focus on the Battle of Midway in the Pacific, all of your images should be either from the battle, the planning of the battle, or its aftermath. Please post your essay and your images by Saturday and your two 75-word responses by the close of Sunday. I look forward to perusing your research!
Requirements: 250

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