Posted: February 24th, 2022

Should all vaccines be mandatory?

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You are required to write an essay on the following topic: Should all vaccines be mandatory?
Please read these instructions carefully before you start.
You must have an Introduction, followed by the bulk of the essay under the heading Body of Evidence. Your body of evidence will be followed by a paragraph or two under the heading Influence of Context and Assumptions, which is followed by your Conclusion.
You must have a title page with your name and the name of this course, and the date. This will be a separate page from the four pages of your essay.
You must have a minimum of seven (7) citations/references from peer-reviewed scientific sources. This means from scientific journals, not newspapers or magazines.
After your essay you will have a page (or more) of references, all of which provide the full reference to your in-text citation.
In text citations do to things – 1. they provide the reader an opportunity to check the reliability of the current article. Are the authors correctly interpreting the material they are citing? 2. they acknowledge the work done by others.
You must use APA format for both your citations and your references.
Instructions on how to use APA format for citations and references can be found here:
Only use the Perdue OWL information for citations and references. Use my instructions for formatting your essay – Introduction, Body of Evidence, Influence of Context and Assumptions, Conclusion, References.
Your essay must be submitted as a Word document through Turnitin.
You must have at least 4 full pages of text. Pages must have 0.5 inch margins on both sides and top and bottom. Pages must be numbered. Text must be 11 point font using Calibri or Ariel. Text must be single spaced. There should not be a blank line between paragraphs. Sections must be separated by a single blank line. Section headings (Introduction, Body of evidence, etc) should be in bold and left justified.
Failure to follow these Instructions will result in a grade no better than 70%.
Below is a screen capture from an essay submitted last fall. Note that 83% of the content matched other people’s work. You cannot do that! Note that there are no in text citations even though the writer says “The study published examined…” What study?
You must learn to paraphrase – the library will be having workshops on how to do it. You should also ask for help on how to do a useful literature search.

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