Posted: April 5th, 2023

social auditing is a systematic assessment that identifies, measures, evaluates,

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social auditing is a systematic assessment that identifies, measures, evaluates, reports and monitors the effects an enterprise has on society that is not covered in the traditional financial reports” (Sexty, 2020, p. 58). Auditing can take many forms, such as triple bottom line reporting, social reports, and sustainable guidelines, which is a shift towards more sophisticated auditing for sustainability reporting. However, the challenge remains with the assortment of standards in existence, in conjunction with a lack of transparency and the fact that the need for independent verification has not become formalized. As a result, auditing centered on the concept of trust proves pivotal, including increased transparent communication with stakeholders.
Learning Outcomes
• Apply contemporary corporate social responsibility concepts and objectives as performance management frameworks
• Analyze and evaluate criteria used in social auditing within Canadian corporate socially responsible reporting.
Learning Objectives
• Discuss corporate reporting guidelines, including industries the reports are geared towards
• Provide advice on the construction and communication surrounding a CSR report
• Analyze the relationship between CSR and the stock market
1. In chapter 9, a variety of reporting guidelines are discussed, including the rationale behind their value. Using Exploring the ESG reporting maturity of Canada’s top companies select an industry for assessment.
2. In reviewing the selected industry’s assessment, explain why the ESG reporting of Canada’s top companies falls short of the requirements demanded by capital markets and stakeholders? Based on the selected industry, conduct a Google search, decipher what type of certification is required, and explain the certification’s value.
What is the correlation between solid ESG reporting and the stock market?
Lastly, read through How does ESG impact the function of audit? In conjunction with the article and insight gained in chapter 9, what advice would you give to a manager responsible for preparing and communicating a CSR report? – benchmarking-toolKey insights and ideas to consider:
Please ensure you format and cite via APA 7th edition.
As you are using external resources (outside the text), please ensure they’re cited and referenced appropriately.
Please submit your work using Microsoft Word to the Dropbox titled: Social Auditing If you have any questions, please do connec

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