Posted: September 22nd, 2022

Sources should be accurately cited in apa

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This assignment enables the student to understand how to choose an intervention strategy in future. Which criteria would they consider most important and reasons for their choice? This assignment fulfills the course objective relating to formulation and generation of appropriate OD intervention strategies to enable organizational transformation. It also fulfills the learning objective which teaches the students in interpreting and using OD theory and strategies effectively.
Submission Format
One page essay consisting of three paragraphs. Use the following format:
Paragraph 1: Define intervention strategies
Paragraph 2: List the considerations in choosing the right intervention strategy. Rank them in the order of your choice.
Paragraph 3: Give reasons for your ranking choice.
12 pt Arial
1″ margins
Sources should be accurately cited in APA
Include a covering page with the title of the assignment, name of the student, course title and section.

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