Posted: March 22nd, 2022

Spiritual Assessment Practice Experience

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Spiritual Assessment Practice Experience
There are reasons that nurses do not complete a spiritual as sessment when caring for a patient. A common reason is lack of skill and comfort with this skill. In order to gain practice and feedback from your instructor in this area, y ou will be interviewing a person to perform a spiritual assessment during this module , using a standardized method of assessment to identify the patient’s spiritual strengths and nee ds . By the end of this activity , you will video record yourself doing a spiritual assessment of a healthy person and demonstrate therapeutic communication with this person. This video should be 10 minutes or shorter in length.
You will demonstrate your skill and abilities with the video recording, submitted in the course by the end of Module 2. ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS :
Read and View:
To get ready for this assignment, the first thing to do is obtain background information. You should complete the assigned readings on spiritual assessment in M2.2 Study Plan Taylor, C., Lynn, P., & Bartlett, J.L. (2019). Fundamentals of nursing: The art and science of person-centered care (9th ed.). Wolters Kluwer. Chapter 46. on spirituality and Chapter 8. Communication (pages164 Box 8-4) on Relating to Patients from Different Cultures.
Part of the documentation will require you to identify 2 skills or attitudes from QSEN. In the Patient-Centered Care competency. You will find it helpful to read over the attitudes and skills expected of a newly graduated RN in terms of Patient-centered Care before you begin your recording at QSEN Institute. (2020). Pre-licensure KSAS (Links to an external site.) You will also view the Spiritual Assessment in Health Care video , before you begin your own recording: Assignment Overview:
For this assignment, you will be video recording a spiritual assessment on a healthy adult or school aged child using a smart phone, video camera, tablet, or laptop with an attached webcam. For optimal recording, you should enlist the help of a recording assistant. Once you have completed your assessment you will submit a copy of the recording through the assignment box in the module. The recording should be less than 10 minutes in length. Guidelines are provided in the linked document below. How to perform the examination . Read through the information below to familiarize yourself with the requirements for the assessment. The faculty recommends that you practice performing the assessment examination before recording . This will help to ensure that you cover all the requirements and that your recording goes smoothly. Each nurse has a unique way of interacting during an assessment. Starting with less personal questions will allow time to establish trust with the patient. However, establishing a routine helps the nurse become organized and develop a system for assessing spiritual well-being. A s you begin the assessment, identify the patient, explain what you are doing, and make the patient comfortable. You will be also demonstrating that you can perform this assessment while permitting free expression of thought on the part of the patient. You will be expected to display verbal and non-verbal behaviors that are non-judgmental and non-threatening. After the recording is completed, you will submit a documentation form completed from the information obtained in the assessment. Based on this assessment, you will demonstrate the ability to formulate a nursing diagnostic statement in writing. See Taylor pages 373-377 for assistance writing a diagnostic statement.
Assignment Directions Choose someone between the developmental age groups of a school age child (6-year-old) and an elder adult on which to complete a n assessment . Do not choose your own child. You should use the HOPE format ; see details on Taylor page 180. A form is provided for you to document and submit your information: click here to download the Hope Documentation Form Download Hope Documentation Form The person being assessed must give permission to participate in this activity. Use the Excelsior College consent form and submit it to the instructor in the course. Downloaded the Excelsior College Consent Form Download the Excelsior College Consent Formhere. This is a necessary step; the assignment cannot be accepted without this. For a minor, a parent or guardian must consent in writing and be present. The assessment may be recorded by another person who will assist the student to complete the recording. The video can be recorded via smartphone or other type of recording device that has the capability of saving the recording and uploading it to the student’s designated course assignment area. The video will have a maximum time limit of ten (10) minutes . If the recording goes beyond the 10-minute limit, the instructor will only grade the first 10 minutes of the recording. If there is missing information within the 10-minute limit, this will be reflected in the student’s grade. Upon completion of the video, the student will be expected to save it as a file to upload to the designated course area. The video will be due by the end date of week 2 within the course. These resources will assist the student in utilizing the appropriate techniques for video recording the physical exam. The student will need to review specific communication approaches or patient-centered variations for the developmental stage of their chosen patient. Download and use the Spiritual Assessment Checklist Download Spiritual Assessment Checklistand the grading rubric in order to assist the student in completing this assignment successfully.

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