Posted: February 24th, 2022

strategies for self-advocacy

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Module 1: Self-Advocacy & Student SuccessDiscussion Topic
In this module, we’ve explored a variety of strategies for self-advocacy and asking for help, as well as support systems that are available to you as a student here at NLU. Now, let’s consider how you might apply those strategies as a student. First, choose one of the following scenarios. Then, create a new discussion thread and write a post that explains what this student could do in order to advocate for themselves. Be specific and use examples from readings or  NLU resource pages that you reviewed this week. Address the following questions as well: What challenges might the student encounter, and how might these challenges be addressed?
Scenarios (Choose one to discuss in your post):
Amara is in their second term at NLU and wants to change her major from Education to Business. She’s not sure what to do or if it’s too late to withdraw from her courses and take new ones instead.
around 200 words

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