Posted: September 20th, 2022

Submit five disease specific pathophysiology algorithms

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Students will submit five (5) disease specific pathophysiology algorithms over the course of the semester. Algorithm 1 should cover a disease process from content covered prior to the upcoming exam. For example: algorithm 1 should be a disease process which involves an infectious process, an inflammatory process, an immune process, OR an endocrine related disease state. To continue this example the student will select a disease from this list (example osteoarthritis) and provide an algorithm of how the disease process develops in the human body. An example of an algorithm will be in files For your algorithm assignments, you may find an algorithm in the literature and reproduce it or deduce your own algorithm from a written text. Always cite your references from an Evidence-Based Peer-reviewed source. The article must be up to date (2016 to 2021). Points will be deducted regarding outdated references. If you reproduce an algorithm, you must make certain that it is done correctly (there are some out there on the internet that are not accurate). – With the submitted algorithm, students are expected to include a written synopsis of the disease process as it is demonstrated on the algorithm. Write this synopsis as if you were explaining the disease process to a patient in the primary care clinic. A minimum of a 500-word paragraph in length is required. Cite any additional references utilized in the preparation of the synopsis using APA 7th edition format. – The student will post the initial post for discussion (which will be the student’s submitted algorithm) and then each student will comment on 2 peers’ posts. Try to choose different students for posting and remember to respond scholarly for each with the appropriate citation regarding the disease process from an evidence-based peer reviewed source.

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