Posted: February 16th, 2022

the 5 characteristics of quality data

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a marketing question and need support to help me learn.Data Clean UpDescriptionReview raw data set (file name: Clean This Data). Keeping in mind the 5 characteristics of quality data listed below, answer the following questions:Validity. The degree to which your data conforms to defined business rules or constraints.
Accuracy. Ensure your data is close to the true values.
Completeness. The degree to which all required data is known.
Consistency. Ensure your data is consistent within the same dataset and/or across multiple data sets.
Uniformity. The degree to which the data is specified using the same unit of measure. the data set. Is it usable as is? What limitations do you see in the current state?List any issues you see in the data set. What needs to be fixed (feel free to provide specific examples)? How would you correct these issues? Think about how you might structure the data differently. Please explain your thought process and approach.You do not need to update/clean the actual file.Please note that I expect to see more than just a list of issues.
Requirements: No words length requirement but please make sure to provide me with high-quality finished work.   |   .doc file

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