Posted: February 24th, 2022

The Columbia Gas of Massachusetts case

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The Columbia Gas of Massachusetts case – Your assignment is to identify 3 to 4 project management issues and provide a draft of solutions and the pros and cons of each. This draft is ungraded. Your facilitator/instructor/grader will let you know if you are on the right track for a good Case Study Report based on this draft, which can be in basic bulleted form. In fact, here is a template you can use to facilitate getting your ideas together and we suggest you use this to submit your draft: Click assignment2examplepdf.pdf Click for more options for a sample assignment (from the case used in the past in this course) to help you understand the structure. IMPORTANT NOTE: the student in this example included a “solution ranking matrix”. This is a nice tool to be familiar with but it is not required for the assignment. Feel free to include one for ‘extra consideration’ but it is not required.
As one more example, here is one more example using the Columbia Gas case, with text hidden (redacted) to show what the final product will look like (of course, your version will have no redaction!).
Example IA2 – Columbia Gas -Redacted PDF-14Jan.pdf Click for more options IMPORTANT: the file above is, as it says, only meant to help you with structure. IT IS NOT MEANT AS A SOURCE OF TEXT for your document. Blackboard is enabled with applications that sense copied text and if detected, not only is your ability to earn points going to be severely restricted, there is significant disciplinary action possible for this activity.
See the Grading Guidance in the Individual Assignment 2 Final section below.
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If you have any questions or comments regarding this assignment, please contact your facilitator or instructor via the discussion boards or directly via email.
Instructions on how to access and upload assignments are available via the Help link in the left-hand course menu.
The case can be opened here: ColumbiaGasOfMass-case-6-AUG-2020r.pdf Click for more options Resources:
A recently-published article you can cite (amongst others – do NOT make this your only source): is this one:
Article – Ronald J. Willey – Process Safety Progress Journal – Insights to the Columbia Gas Explosions.pdf Click for more options Also, be sure you at least review the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) reports, which you can find here:
Safety Recommendation Report PSR1802.pdf Click for more options NTSB Report.pdf Click for more options Again, please research this yourself. We expect that you will find (and cite!) references beyond the ones we are providing for you.

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