Posted: February 19th, 2022

the “Dirty War” (306-308)

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In this chapter, Chasteen is using only a handful of examples among hundreds of important events that happened in Latin America during the period of the Cold War: he is not trying to be comprehensive, but instead showcasing the events he considers especially exemplary, useful, or telling.
Therefore, choose two of the following places, people, or concepts, and explain what Chasteen is trying to exemplify or prove when writing about them.
1. Brazil (303-306)
2. the “Dirty War” (306-308)
3. Salvador Allende (309, 311)
4. “low-intensity conflict” (316)
5. the Somozas (316-317)
6. Óscar Romero (320)
7. El Mozote (321)
8. Pablo Escobar (325-326)

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