Posted: February 7th, 2022

The El Dorado Star

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a business multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.General InstructionsThe El Dorado Star is the only newspaper in El Dorado, New Mexico. Certainly, the Star competes with The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and the New York Times for national news reporting, but the Star offers readers stories of local interest, such as local news, weather, high-school sporting events, and so on. The El Dorado Star faces the revenue and cost schedules shown in the spreadsheet that follows:A template for the spreadsheet is provided in the Course Materials. You may download my template or create your own. Since we are using dollars and cents, be sure to go out two decimal places on your calculations. Add columns to show, respectively, marginal cost (MC), marginal revenue (MR), and total profit.Place your completed spreadsheet in the Drop Box, and use it to answer the following questions. Submission of your template is worth 10 points and counts 500 words toward your word count requirement.Your spreadsheet must include formulas showing how you arrived at the calculations. As an alternative, you may also submit a document showing your step-by-step calculations for each of the cells. You will not receive credit if you do not show your work using one of these two methods.Use the spreadsheet to answer questions 1-6. Explain, in detail, how you arrived at your answers to these questions.Number of newspapers per day (Q)Total revenue (including advertising revenues) per day (TR)Total cost per day (TC)002500100040002600200050002700300055002860400057503020500059503200600061253390700062253590800061253810900059754050 Question #1Question #2Question #3Question #4Question #5Question #6Question #7Question #8 SaveAssignment Submitted1.What price should the manager of the EI Dorado Star charge? How many papers should be sold daily to maximize profit?editClick here to edit your answer.Words: 02.At the price and output level you answered in the previous question, is the EI Dorado Star making the greatest possible amount of total revenue? Is this what you expected? Explain why or why not.editClick here to edit your answer.Words: 03.Use the appropriate formulas to create two new columns (7 and 8) for total profit and profit margin, respectively. What is the maximum profit the EI Dorado Star can earn? What is the maximum possible profit margin? Are profit and profit margin maximized at the same point on demand?editClick here to edit your answer.Words: 04.What is the total fixed cost for the El Dorado Star? Explain how you arrived at this conclusion.editClick here to edit your answer.Words: 05.Create a new spreadsheet in which total fixed cost increases to $5,000. What price should the manager charge? How many papers should be sold in the short run?editClick here to edit your answer.Words: 06.What should the owners of the Star do in the long run? Should they produce or shut-down? How do we know?editClick here to edit your answer.Words: 07.Dell Computer Corp., the world’s largest personal-computer maker, is keenly aware of everything its rival PC manufacturers decide to do. Explain why Dell usually reacts more quickly and more substantially to pricing, product design, and advertising decisions made by Hewlett-Packard and Gateway than when these same types of decisions are made by Apple Computer.editClick here to edit your answer.Words: 08.Two firms, Small and Large, compete by price. Each can choose either a low price or a high price. The following payoff table shows the profit (in thousands of dollars) each firm would earn in each of the four possible decision situations:SmallLow priceHigh priceLargeLow price$1,000, $500$375, $250High price$550, –$100$575, –$200a) Is there a dominant strategy for Small? If so, what is it? Why?b) Is there a dominant strategy for Large? If so, what is it? Why?c) What is the likely pair of decisions? What payoff will each receive?
Requirements: 1500 words

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