Posted: March 22nd, 2022

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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This Midterm project will consist of a 3-page paper double spaced, on a gallery/museum visit on your own time. You must write about either a show or a certain work of art that moves you. Write down specifics about the piece, compare and contrast to another work of art, and be able to say why you were drawn to it. There should be no outside sources used to write this paper. Everything will be your own words and thoughts. You will be graded on originality and use of descriiptive terms. Put descriiptive terms and phrases in bold print. I’ll be looking for a lot of bold type within the paper.
Also, you must show proof you made a visit by attaching literature from the museum or gallery. This may include a map, exhibition card or personal photos. This is worth 25 points.
******With our current covid restrictions in the air, I am making this a virtual tour of any major museum website. Provide the link to the website at the end of your paper. If a museum is open by the time of this paper then feel free to visit, but no it is not required this summer semester.
-Schmitt Art Center (SWIC Belleville Campus) – St. Louis Art Museum (Forest Park) – Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis (3750 Washington Blvd) – Art St. Louis Gallery (Downtown STL) – Philip Slein Gallery (Central West End) – Bruno David Gallery – Duane Reed Gallery (4729 McPherson Ave.) – Atrium Gallery – Art Dimensions – Jacoby Art Center (Alton) – Gallery 210 (UMSL) – Granite City Arts District – Hatheway Cultural Center (Lewis & Clark Community College)
Virtual Tours: Look at The Museum of Modern Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Louvre, The St. Louis Art Museum, Any major city should have this or something similar provided.

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