Posted: May 5th, 2022

“The Other Half” campaign

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“The Other Half” campaign
I need a professional graphic designer to create graphics for my university homework. My topic is about Gender discrimination in creative industries. For this topic, I need a logo and 3 posters. More details below:
1. A Logo: The Other Half
2. Series of posters in below Topics:
A. A4 portrait poster in: “More females than males study creative art subjects, but a smaller proportion of women go into creative jobs after graduation”
B. A4 portrait poster in: Women are promoted less often than men in creative industry
C. A4 portrait poster in: Gender pay gap in creative industry. Women earn less than men
Very Important points:
– Please put “The Other Half” logo in the poster
– I don’t want text in the posters
– For the posters I prefer using illustration style/icons instead of real images
– All the posters should be in the same style “same look and feel”
– Very important to give me the open files “workable files” of the posters and the logo
– The work should be original. PLEASE don’t copy any of the artworks from the internet!
Note: I am not sure how to place the order so I put “Number of pages: 4” assuming 3 posters + 1 Logo are 4 pages. please advise me in this matter

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