Posted: September 22nd, 2022

The paper must be typed and double-spaced, using 12 font size times new roman is required.

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WRITING ASSIGNMENT 1 (100 points) SCHOLARLY PAPER ON CLASSICAL CRIMINOLOGY Due: September 23, 2022. Topic: Evaluate one of the practices in our current criminal justice system of dealing with offenders from a classical criminology perspective, using the ideas of Cesare Beccaria and his criteria for effective punishment. For this short paper, the student will focus on recent or current practices associated with: Plea Bargaining Do the procedures and/or practices associated with plea bargaining satisfy Beccaria’s criteria? Discuss specific, relevant criteria and why each one is or is not satisfied. Students are expected to evaluate the current practice using as many relevant concepts from Beccaria. (a summary of Beccaria’s key ideas can be found in the textbook). To do well on the paper, one must, at a minimum: 1. Describe what plea bargaining is and identify the procedures and/or practices associated with plea bargaining. 2. Select relevant concepts from Beccaria and evaluate whether each plea bargaining practice or procedure satisfies Beccaria’s concepts on crime and punishment. 3. Comply with the requirements for Writing Assignments 1 and 2. These requirements are listed in this syllabus under the heading Instructions for Writing Assignments 1 and 2. (link provided for your convenience)
INSTRUCTIONS FOR WRITING ASSIGNMENTS 1 AND 2. 1. The paper must be typed and double-spaced, using 12 font size Times New Roman is required. Should average 21-22 lines of text per page. 2. Length: Minimum of 4 full pages. Title page and references page do not count toward the 4 full-page requirement. 11 3. Each paper must have a Title page and a References page. An Abstract is not required. 4. Each paper should have a running head. Instructions on how to create a running head are posted on CANVAS. 5. The introduction should include a thesis statement; this is simply a sentence or two stating your purpose or goals in writing the paper. After reading the introduction, the reader should have a clear idea as to what your paper intends to achieve. 6. The entire paper must be written in the 3rd person. 7. Each student must use at least 6 scholarly, peer-reviewed references. The textbook can count as one of the scholarly, peer-reviewed references, if you choose to cite it. Additional references may be used, however, the minimum of 6 scholarly, peer-reviewed references must be met. Students must comply with the sections on references and academic sources found on pages 14-15 of this syllabus. 8. This paper will be written using the American Psychological Association (APA) style guidelines . There are several online resources available on this style of writing papers. I have created an aCANVASreviated APA guide based of the latest (7th edition) of the APA Publication Manual.

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