Posted: December 6th, 2022

The term paper is a chance for you to bring the key points you learned in the co

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The term paper is a chance for you to bring the key points you learned in the course all together into one scientific argument.
Make a scientific argument about whether or not you think the Webb Observatory (or another current mission such as Perseverence) will discover life. Your argument should show significant understanding of:
The specifics of the mission (e.g. Webb Observatory or Perseverence) that are underway for the search for extraterrestrial life. What are they looking for? What is the technology they use? Why is this unique to the mission? What have they found thus far?
What types of life forms are most likely to be found first and what types of evidence we should look for to find these life forms.
The types of locations where these life forms may exist and how the life forms are biologically well suited for those environments.
Your paper MUST BE FORMATTED WITH THE FOLLOWING SECTIONS AND HEADERS (Please actually use these headers for the sections of your paper or you risk getting a 0):
The Likelihood of [specific mission] to Find Life
The Most Promising Types of Extraterrestrial Life to be Found by the Mission
The Location Explored by the Mission and Evidence that It Could Harbour Life
The Societal Implications of Such A Discovery
You are expected to use information you have learned on the course to EXPAND upon the information from the videos and discussions. Cutting and pasting from the Internet, or simple re-writes of what is on wikipedia or one web site does not constitute a term paper. You must demonstrate your OWN learning of the material in the course. This will be strictly enforced. Please note that I have old papers saved on my machine and will do a comparison check. If you use pieces from old papers, the paper will not be accepted and you risk academic disciplinary action if discovered.
All papers MUST follow this format or it risks getting a 0.
Criteria for a successful paper:
A successful paper will be at least 2000 words and will follow the format above. It will include:
A clear, accurate, and coherent scientific argument that uses scientifically valid information (from the Internet or journals) and many of the main concepts used in the course. Your paper should demonstrate your understanding of these concepts, not just the awareness of the terminology.
A clear organization and correct grammar to provide a readable and intelligent paper. It should be easy and pleasurable to read. This must include an introduction, conclusion, and the mandatory headers to help make clarify your argument.
Within this format, your paper should demonstrate individuality and creativity to show how you have digested and interpreted the information, and to show me it is your OWN work. Papers that read like a bunch of cut and paste text without any personality will be poorly graded.
A complete and consistent set of citations and references in APA, IEEE, or similar academic format. I don’t care which format you use, but be consistent and thorough.
Pride in your work. If you don’t love it, I won’t love it.

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