Posted: September 23rd, 2022

The text refers to imb, xerox, kellogg, etc.

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College papers should be a min of 3-5 pages not including the separate cover and reference pages. This means a min of approximately 900-1000 words. APA formatting includes times new roman 12 pitch regular font throughout with double spacing (no extra lines between paragraphs). Always have a minimum of 2 or more references excluding yourself in APA format with a hanging indent. Use the following prompts to write your midterm paper. Think of a widely valued product. The text refers to IMB, Xerox, Kellogg, etc.
Why might innovation be important for a U.S. company in a global market?
What is one way in which a global strategy can help reduce costs?
Give examples of products for which quality standards apply globally.
What kind of product might experience rapid changes in local demand?

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