Posted: February 19th, 2022

The ZooLex Zoo Design Organization

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The ZooLex Zoo Design Organization ( ) was established to help improve holding conditions for wild animals in captivity by 1) publishing and disseminating information related to zoo design, 2) promoting appropriate holding conditions for wild animals in captivity, 3) providing balanced technical information and advice about zoo design, and 4) supporting research and vocational training related to zoo design. Many exhibit design staff refer to the ZooLex website and resources as they begin to design their own exhibit spaces, as represented institutions have generally included a variety of helpful and insightful information for others. You will critique the Polar Frontier exhibit from the Columbus Zoo Link here-(  ). Be sure to review the site plan, photos, management, interpretation, habitat space, and specific features dedicated to animals, keepers, and visitors. Identify and discuss the following elements :
Begin with a brief overview of the exhibit. Be sure to include exhibit type (natural, immersive, functional, some hybrid of these?), and exhibit location (taxonomic, geographic, bioclimatic).

How did the Columbus Zoo implement various aspects of safety into this exhibit space, while also keeping husbandry and guest experience foremost in mind?
How did the Columbus Zoo consider the local ecology/landscape/climate when designing this exhibit? Be sure to reference the Local Conditions section of the page so that you have a good grasp of regional weather, but also think in terms of local flora and the potential for weather emergencies.
Photo #22 shows behind-the-scenes bear holding and lists 8 distinct elements. Evaluate the importance of at least 4 of these elements in terms of safety, husbandry, and welfare.
How might you have improved upon the design?
Please also refer to the pdf graded rubric and follow it closely as well as look at the attached learnigg materials for helpful info

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