Posted: September 23rd, 2022

There were six forklift accidents that resulted in injuries.

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Injury/Illness Prevention Case Study
As the new Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) manager for the Passport Factory, you recently completed a study
of the injuries entered on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 300 form over the past 12 months.
Your findings revealed the following:
Eight employees were treated for various levels of heat strain during the summer months. Six were working indoors in
the warehouse, and two were working outdoors doing grounds maintenance. All were first aid injuries. There were six forklift accidents that resulted in injuries.
Three dropped loads struck nearby workers. All received first aid.
One forklift flipped over going around a corner, ejecting the operator. The operator lost 10 days of work and was on
restricted duty for 30 days.
Two employees working in the warehouse aisles were struck by forklifts. Both were medical treatment injuries
Five electrical shocks were reported in the machine shop. All occurred during routine equipment maintenance. All were
medical treatment injuries, but none resulted in days away from work.
There were nine eye injuries in the machine shop. Five were foreign particles in the eye and four were machine oil
splashes. All were reported as first aid injuries.
Six employees in the plating shop were treated for inhalation of solvent vapors. Two resulted in lost workdays, and the
others were medical treatment injuries.
From the analysis, select three OSH program areas that should receive immediate attention. For each program area
selected, do the following:
1. Discuss why the specific OSH program area was selected.
2. Explain how you would identify and assess the hazards related to this program area.
3. Discuss some possible hazard control measures that could be used to reduce risk.
4. Identify training requirements for the program area.
5. Propose methods for ensuring employees comply with safety procedures.
Your submission must be in APA format, and a minimum of three pages in length, not counting title and reference pages. At
least two reference sources must be used to support your discussion. One of the references can be the course textbook.
Additional references should be articles from professional journals, recognized safety organizations, or other OSH

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