Posted: September 16th, 2022

This assignment must be in paragraph format.

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All Thought Papers must be in your own words. Do not use any quotes in these assignments. Do not use any online encyclopedia for any sources. All Thought Papers must follow the paragraph limits. All Thought Papers must be under 5% on Thought #1-The Democratic Ideal. This is an assignment where you explore the different ideas regarding democracy. The objective for this is to read and then figure out what the philosopher’s ideas are regarding democracy and key questions they raise, and how you think one of their ideas would work in our government today, 2021. This assignment MUST be in paragraph format. For this assignment you must complete the following:
1. Pick a philosopher from Part Two of your Reader and look up your philosopher’s background using the Shatford Library databases. DO NOT USE ANY ONLINE ENCYLOPEDIA! There are several databases you can use for this and all other assignments: Arts and Humanities, Biography Gale in Context, Political Science database, World History, to name a few. Summarize what you find in one paragraph.
2. Read your philosopher’s excerpt from your Ball and Daggar Reader (Part II: “The Democratic Ideal”) Summarize the philosopher’s ideas of democracy in your own words as they describe them in the reader. No more than one paragraph.
3. Pose three questions that the philosopher raises regarding democracy and its strengths or weaknesses.
4. Write one paragraph discussing how this thinker’s ideas would apply to the 2021 executive branch and its’ relationship to congress in the U.S. Make sure you support your position with support from the Philosopher.
One source must be from the Shatford Library database and the other is your Reader. Cite your source using MLA format.
Must be 5% or less on
just do Aristotle as the philosopher And just base it on books you find online please do not use an encyclopedia thanks

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